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When he was born he was a Kevin Durant. He likes to play catch with pa. He rode on eagles to school
===He edited wikipedia. He thought a tissue was his ma. He has twenty two in a half gerbils. One bit him so he cut it in half.Then he had the idea to make a ball in space. He lived on the sun with his family. He ate grilled cheese with tomatoes for breakfast.For lunch he ate fried gorillas that live on the sun.For dinner he ate little nibbles of his ma. He feared the St. Peters globewalkers. He he was fourteen he turned into mini darth vader. At fourteen he was still the size of Stewie Griffin. He loves to pet his cat. He didn't feed his cat he only pets it. Then he met a normal egg laying goose and he cut it open to get all the eggs but that goose was a decoy and all the other gooses attacked him. That made him so angry that he decided it will be cool to wear a plastic helmet and a cape. He loves the Tampa Bay Rays he always watches their game s in the living room with his ma and' pa. One day when he was sixteen he thought ma was an ordinary tissue and blew his nose and killed her. Then he hit puberty. That's how he got a deep voice and became ugly. Then for his eighteenth birthday he a got a game called Fortnite Battle Royal. He played it so much his dad came in the room and said gets a life and a wife. He got so mad he hopped in his space ball and blew up his planet. Then he had Luke and Lei and forced his twin brother to be darth vader and he could sit on the couch and play Fortnite.===
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