Seekers of Truth
Seekers of Truth Symbol
The Seekers of Truth is an Andrastian order that answers directly to the Divine in Val Royeaux.

The organization appears to act as a check and balance to the power of the Templar Order, acting in a secretive, investigative and interrogative capacity to root out corruption and protect the Chantry from internal and external threats. They also may become involved in the hunting of particularly cunning apostates. Templars fear and despise the Seekers, as they must usually involve themselves when the templars are failing in their duties.


The Seekers of Truth and the Templar Order were once known as the Inquisition, a group of people who fought against the threat of dark magic after the First Blight. Some accounts suggest that the Inquisition was always known as the Seekers of Truth and that they strove to restore order in a time of chaos through their even application of justice.

In the twentieth year of the Divine Age, the fledgling Chantry convinced the Inquisition to unite under the banner of their common faith. Upon signing the Nevarran Accord, the two organizations jointly created the Circle of Magi and established the Templar Order as wardens for the Circles and guardians over magic use. Under the Accord, senior members of the Inquisition formed the Seekers of Truth as they are known today.

Seekers are typically chosen from the elite ranks of the templars. In their roles as overseers of the Templar Order and the right hand of the Divine, they serve as the Chantry's investigators and are given considerable latitude to function outside the law. The leadership hierarchy of the Seekers runs parallel to that of the templars, although a senior Seeker outranks any templar.

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